African Finance Network (AFN)

The African Finance Network (AFN) is a non-profit organization that aims to connect academic and professional elites interested in Africa and to foster efforts for in-depth forward-looking reflection on the emergence of Africa. It seeks exchanges between universities, business schools, research laboratories, financial and non-financial companies, and multilateral organizations. AFN's activities revolve around ten actions to achieve its goals.

Bring together experts

Assemble experts and produce studies and proposals in the field of African banking and finance, with a particular emphasis on the forward-looking dimension.


To act as a liaison between the world of research and the African financial and non-financial professional spheres.

Exchange platform

Provide an exchange and reflection platform with authors, banking specialists, bankers, economists, academics, and decision-makers.

Pedagogical role

Play a pedagogical role among elites, banking and non-banking professionals, and contribute to enlightening the public debate.

Knowledge transfer

Aim for the transfer of knowledge and information to policymakers and financial decision-makers, as well as the public and industrial operators, and the production of "business-oriented" studies.

Organize seminars

Select researchers from African universities to produce doctoral theses on strategic themes and to organize research seminars.

Fund theses

Finance doctoral theses with the contributions from AFN partners.

Develop theoretical and empirical studies

Develop theoretical and empirical studies based on rigorous and original methodologies and aim for excellence through publications in internationally recognized rankings.

Create a scientific journal.

Create a scientific journal that collects the research outcomes of AFN's work.

Initiate several research areas.

Initiate multiple research areas under the responsibility of recognized researchers in the following non-exhaustive fields: regional integration, sustainable development, sustainable finance and corporate social responsibility (CSR), money-banking-finance, microfinance, Islamic finance, exchange rates and monetary policy, single currency, common currency, de-cashing, banking industry, FinTech, crowdfunding, blockchain, digitization, informal economy, regulation, etc.