Special Issue: Call for Papers- African Finance for Development Review (AFDR)

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the international economic and financial environment. A large majority of countries and integration zones have been hit by the disastrous consequences of the global health crisis. Academic research and the professional world are facing unprecedented challenges. The African continent has not experienced the same health disaster as the developed countries of Asia and Latin America. But the economic consequences are likely to be more disastrous for the continent. Several explanatory factors are put forward: containment constraints, global recession, sudden capital flight, debt issues, pressure on external reserves, scarcity of liquidity in banking and financial markets, an unprecedented decline in commodity prices, potential financial stability problems, temporary suspension of Basel II and III arrangements, etc. Goodell (2020) has proposed a future research program on the impact of COVID-19 on the financial sector. This program focuses on the economic impact of the pandemic and its potential effects on banking, financial, and insurance markets. (Goodell, J. W. 2020. COVID-19 and finance: Agendas for future research. Finance Research Letters, 101512). Akhtaruzzaman, M.D., Boubaker, S., Sensoy, A. 2020. Financial contagion during COVID –19 crisis, Finance Research Letters. Zhang, D., Hu, M., Ji, Q. 2020. Financial markets under the global pandemic of COVID-19. Finance Research Letters, 101528 etc).

Authors are invited to submit papers on the following sub-themes:

o The impact of the pandemic on the debt of African countries
o The impact of the pandemic on the market of Eurobonds issued by the African states
o The impact of emergency measures applied by creditors on African debt
o The situation of African capital markets in the context of COVID-19
o The impact of the pandemic on the issuance of social bonds
o The recovery plans used by African states to counter the pandemic
o The impact of containment measures on the informal sector and microfinance institutions
o The impact of the pandemic on financial inclusion
o The impact of the pandemic on sustainable finance
o The impact of the pandemic on corporate social responsibility
o The impact of the pandemic on Islamic finance in Africa
o Electronic money in times of health crisis
o The resilience of African banking sectors in the face of the health crisis
o The resilience of African capital markets to the health crisis
o The monetary policy of African central banks in times of crisis
o Sudden capital flight
o COVID-19 proofing the relationship between finance and growth
o The impact of COVID-19 on commodity markets
o The impact of COVID-19 on central bank foreign exchange reserves

For the first issue, dedicated to the context of COVID-19, the AFDR will set up a rapid paper evaluation system. Accepted papers will be put online as and when they are accepted with the status articles in press. Articles can be written in French or English.

The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2021.

For more information concerning this issue, please email the following address: afdr@africanfinance.network